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A Proven History

We have been serving the Fraser Valley community for 30 years. We have thousands of satisfied customers who have trusted us to deliver the best service every time.

No job too small, No tree too tall!


Our expert arborists are experienced professionals and have your satisfaction as a top priority.

Customer Experience

Our high quality work and attention to safety as a main objective will make this experience as smooth as possible.

You have our commitment and guarantee that your home and property are in great hands.


Hedge Trimming
Tree Removal

When thinking of removing a tree in your yard a few questions should be considered:

  1. Why do you want it removed?

  2. Are there other alternatives available?

  3. How will it affect sun patterns?

  4. How will it affect your neighbours?

  5. Do you need a permit?

Tree Pruning

There are all kinds of pruning for all kinds of trees:

  1. Pruning of large trees

  2. Pruning for fruit

  3. Pruning for light

  4. Pruning for wind patterns

  5. Pruning of shrubs to maintain shape or privacy


For those home owners who prefer to do tree work themselves, we offer a stand alone chipping service as well.

To lower chipping cost, stack the brush in the driveway or in the front yard where there is truck access.

Wood Removal

We offer wood removal for those homeowners who do not use firewood.

Stump Griding and Removal

Many home owners like the stump to be removed as well. We can provide estimates to have the stump ground to below the surface of the ground or removed entirely. This is a separate cost to give the home owner the option.

Topping or Spiral Pruning

Things to concider:

  1. If a tree has been previosly topped

  2. Is there a dying or dead top

  3. Is there a codomiat top

  4. Spiral pruning is generally the best alternative to topping

Free Estimates

Our full time estimator will provide a free consultation regarding your tree work as well and will give you advice on making the job as quick and easy as possible.

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Career Opportunities

We are currently looking for an experienced Arborist. Must have valid drivers license and a vehicle.